2019.3 - Present

Continuum is a lightweight and simple game where you move around in different directions to avoid swarms of never-ending obstacles that fly right towards you.

Continuum is made with Unity, targeted for Mac, iOS and Windows.

Bricks of Steel

2019.11 - Indefinite

Bricks of Steel is my only Chinese game. Inspired from the Kaiping Diaolou of China – build, expand and defend your village!

Bricks of Steel is a grid based strategy game that is played against computer opponents.


2019.6 - 2019.11

minusFootprint is a simple iOS application that tracks the user's carbon emissions. The app uses cloud-based services and machine learning to track, analyze and improve a user's eco-friendly lifestyle.


2019.6 - 2019.7

Stamptory is a simple game with an original idea. Press the stamp that corresponds with the item below it to process the item, make sure all items are processed correctly to win!

Stamptory is the only game I have made for a web browser, it is currently hosted on my own server.


2019.6 - 2019.7

Randomizer is a free mac application that uses randomization to make your life easier! A person can randomize groups, numbers and decisions.

I made randomizer because I had some trouble with making decisions, so I made this randomizes decision maker that could help me decide.

Ocean Depth

2018.9 - 2018.10

Ocean Depths is an unfinished prototype 2D game targeted for mobile devices.

Ocean Depths is my first mobile and fully 2D game, it focuses on capturing fish from different levels of the ocean to build your own aquarium. Ocean Depths has a beautiful visual and mechanic, the game is written on optimized scripts that could simulate 1000+ fish on a standard phone.

Path To Metro


Path to Metro is an unfinished horror game. It is my first and only attempt at creating such a game.

Path to Metro narrates the story of a someone walking to the metro station, only to find the mysterious disappearance of the metro station. What waits him is only more anomalies beyond comprehension.

Little Tanks


Little Tanks is a simple prototype top-down tank game. Collaborate with your teams to defeat endless waves of enemy tanks! Little Tanks is an experimentation of smart enemy opponents.


2018.8 - 2018.9

Save is an unfinished space strategy game. The game is a combination of 2D and 3D gameplay.

As the head of the Human Space Federation, you are tasked to locate and prevent extraterrestrial threats to Humanity. You are your agency are solely responsible for the development of science, space exploration and threat prevention.

Solar System Simulator


Solar System Simulator is a predecessor to SAVE. It is not an accurate simulation of the Solar System, but the planets look really good.


2018.5 - 2018.8

Shoreline is my second game, it is a 3D mini-action strategy game. Fight among the beautiful beaches of Zamber district to defend your island from the near invaders!

There are a lot of time and effort spent on this game, you can visit all my game blogs in the Itch.IO link below.


2018.1 - 2018.5

CubeKiller is my first game I have made for Mac and Windows. Control a cube and your friends to destroy all shapes that stands in your way. Find the ultimate truth about Cubekiller!


Fun Fact: This website is built and hosted on Jingcheng's own server!

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